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Ghost Month

In the west we get 1 whole day to enjoy the dead — Halloween — but in Asia, China, they get a WHOLE MONTH! It’s called Ghost Month, with a Ghost Festival. All month...

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Death Simulation Game Ride

In Shanghai, China, “Samadhi — 4D Experience of Death,” is a morbid “escape room” game that uses dramatic special effects to bring players close to what its creators imagine is an experience of death....

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Is Fortunetelling Protected Speech?

Two prominent fraud trials against self-declared psychics in New York and Florida have exposed tensions between soothsaying and U.S. law. Beyond those cases is a history of legal wrestling over fortunetelling, free speech and...

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Evil Spirits Magick Circle

The belief that the circle offers protection from evil has its roots in the ancient magic practised by the Babylonians, Assyrians and early Kabbalists, who used circles as a place of safety during incantations....

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Slightly Haunted – Home for Sale

“I went back and forth,” Gregory Leeson says when asked regarding listing his home in Dunmore, PA  as “slightly haunted” on Zillow  “I thought I might as well. I didn’t think it would generate...

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Mirrors, Garlic and Vamps

Mirrors and Sunlight: Rabies could harbor the roots of the vampiric fear of mirrors. “Strong odors or visual stimuli trigger spasms of the face and vocal muscles of those with rabies, and this in...

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The moon has held humankind in its thrall since the earliest civilizations. Although the ancients had no notion of the gravitational influences the moon exerted on our planet, they did believe that the moon...

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Can Witches Save California Crops?

This is the question that farmers and vineyard owners are asking during California’s worst drought in recorded history. With rivers, reservoirs, and lakes reaching record dry levels, California farmers are turning to the supernatural...

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Which Celebrity Are Witches?

Here is a random list of celebirties who are known to be pagan or witches. The world has gone pretty far since the days of Bewitched. 1) Avril Lavigne A singer and songwriter, she...

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The Evil Eye

Power of the “evil eye” dates back to the earliest civilizations and references to it can be found in the writings of ancient Greek and Roman poets and philosophers including Aristophanes and Pliny the...

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