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Celebrities And The Paranormal

Celebrities are just like us when it comes to the paranormal and ghosts. Here are a few who shared the experience with us about their encounter with the other world. 1) Matthew McDonaughey The...

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Does Remodeling Stir Up Ghosts?

The energy of those who once lived in that house could be absorbed into the building’s walls. This energy can be awakened by disturbances such as new owners who begin remodeling and changing what...

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World Cup for Witch Burnings

Nowadays witches come in all shapes and sizes.  Witches can be walking and be among “regular” society. They can be disguised as teachers, the hot girl at the checkout counter at the grocery store,...

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Friday the 13th

Even the most rationally minded are still haunted by “Friday the thirteenth”. Now days, when we hang onto a belief of this kind, we tend to think of it as being rooted in something...

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Chills – Stepping On My Grave

Suddenly, you shudder with tingles. ‘Ooh!’ you might exclaim, ‘someone’s just stepped on my grave.’ 1738 when it first appeared in print in Simon Wagstaff’s A Complete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conversation –...

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Spit To Ward Off Evil

Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus describes, “If he sees a maniac or an epileptic man, he will shudder and spit into his bosom.” Maniacs and epileptics were in those days thought to be possessed by...

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Ghost Axe

On a decommissioned military ship a photo was take of a ghost figure in the shadows of the lens. Stevgoldhound claimed to have taken the picture by a dock foreman who works there. The...

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Black Cats

Black cats are a prime example of many of our superstitious beliefs; some swear they’re lucky, others see them as a sign of certain doom. According to Norse legend, Freya, queen of the Valkyries...

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Witch Hunt Leads To Ten Arrested

Police have arrested 10 people in Odisha for the torture of a 60-year-old woman who villagers accused of being a witch. The elderly woman was beaten, stripped of her clothes and tied to an...

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