3-Year-Old Dressed As Pennywise

This freaky photo is from the mind of Louie’s 17-year-old brother who goes by the name Eagan.

Doing elaborate photo shoots is a hobby of the elder Tilghman, who often recruits his other younger siblings to pose for him while he works in details to present his vision.

Louie is an especially enthusiastic model, Eagan said.

“He loves doing all the photo shoots,” he said. “You tell him to do his happy face and you tell him to do his mean face, and that’s the two faces he did in all the pictures.”

Eagan spent about 30 minutes painting Louie’s face to look like Pennywise in the new movie. He also created a clown costume using different clothes and fabrics they found around the house.

“It” opens on Friday, but Louie’s photo shoot has already gone viral since Eagan posted it on Facebook two weeks ago.

Yet, not everyone is impressed.

“The reaction has been like 90 percent positive,” Eagan told the Metro. “There’s still that 10 percent that have something to say. They say I’m exploiting my brother and all kinds of other things they can come up with. But I mean I’m not bothered. Negative publicity is still publicity.”

Eagan attempted to explain his vision, “Just wanted to put these out there one more time to explain, this is my mind. Like it’s very rare for me to be able to put my artistic vision out there and it be portrayed correctly. My pictures never really look like I want them to. Don’t get me wrong, i love creepy clowns but my mind isn’t just scary clowns and unsettling images. But the creativity in my head almost feels like it flows off of my fingertips. You can see an image and feel things with it, and I’m proud to say these are perfect, therefore they’re a perfect little glimpse into how I see the world.”


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