Ghost Axe

On a decommissioned military ship a photo was take of a ghost figure in the shadows of the lens.

Steve Goldhound claimed to have taken the picture by a dock foreman who works there. The foreman, John, took the image while walking deep within the vessel with a torch to “work on things”.

Yet, another user, seeing the image, cleaned it up to we could actually see what was in the image.

The military police did respond to the call, and a “seek and arrest” order were issued… . But after investigating, searching, including dogs to help the tracking of the “individual” — not to mention the real-time CCTV cameras being monitored by security personnel — no one or thing was found on the ship; it should be noted,  the MP’s said,”There is only one way on and off this ship, period. And the dogs, trained for these missions, have yet to find a scent.”

Location and ship name is currently being held because it’s still under investigation and the dock workers don’t want any repercussions from their co-workers, supervisors or the DoD (Department of Defense).


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