How To Hypnotize Someone

Want to learn how to hypnotize someone?  I will teach you a trick or two, including cautions to take before you begin your adventures.

First, your initial audience should be your friends or family, they trust you; trust is a big factor. The person you want to put under can not be under the influence of anything: no drugs, no alcohol, etc. it gets in the way. The person must be willing to accept going under hypnosis: they don’t have to believe in hypnosis, they just have to be willing to relax and participate.

Next, you will need a dimly lit, quiet room and a chair for the person you want to put under hypnosis. The lighting should come from behind them, ideally with no sound interrupting, including others watching.

Have them stare at a wall, and you stand behind them. When they stare at the wall, tell them to find a spot straight in front of them on that wall, and stare at it, breathing and blinking normally, just staring at that particular spot on the wall – just concentrate their interest on that part of the wall.

Now, just chant this, very fast, very slow, both or either, nonetheless, you must chant this over and over, in a calm voice, “Listen to my voice and my voice only. Listen to my voice and my voice only. You are tired. Relax. Relax. Relax. Listen to my voice and my voice only. Relax. Relax. You are tired. You are listening to my voice and my voice only. You are tired, sleepy. Your body is feeling heavy. Relax. Relax. Listen to my voice and my voice only… .” One thing to remember is to keep the words simple, and the statements repetitive — you don’t want them to have to think about what you said, so words like relax, breath normally, feeling heavy, are all easy to understand, and you do NOT want to use complex sentences with abstract verbiage.

Here is an example of what NOT to say, because it’s complex, confusing and interpretative, else encourages the person to think, when you just want them to relax, “I am the master of your thoughts and you are going to succumb to my voice while concentrating on the wall that is in front of you while I take you under hypnosis, so take it easy and be cool.”

You will be dumbfounded when you finally get them under hypnosis. The first try may take several tries and up to an hour. But it will make it much easier if the person is not tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or pills, and they trust you.

When you discover they are under hypnosis, there are several way to ensure they are. For example, tell them their hand is numb, they can’t feel their hand. Have them show their palm, open. Tell them they can’t feel their hand or their palms. Now go get a sterile needle and prick the shit out of them — trust, if they are under they won’t flinch, period… if they’re faking it, they will jump, trust.

When you bring them out of hypnosis, especially if they don’t believe in it, just have them walk into another room and take a seat. Now, when you wake them up in the other room, they will feel like they were teleported there and trip out.

But you might ask, “How do I get them out of hypnosis?”

Easy. Just have them relax again, and tell them to continue to relax. On the count of 10, you will wake up, and not under your voice command.

1) begint to relax, 2) you’re feeling very sleepy 3) you are feeling very relax 4) 5) 6) 7) you are starting to wake up 8) 9) you are waking up 10) wake up (and clap your hands, snap your fingers, etc).

Tah dah, you are a hypnotist 🙂 And please note, if you don’t get them out of hypnosis, they will wake up out of it themselves (sometimes even violently!).

Oh, there is so much to discover, but here are some very cautionary tales about hypnosis:

In a high school, an instructor put a student under hypnosis. And told the kid he was really, really, really cold, standing in snow. The kid actually turned blue! We all saw this! A day later the kid called in sick with a cold.

When the hypnotist was brought into a school for fun, he had the head cheerleader arm wrestle the football captain! She was tiny compared to the football player. But being under hypnosis, the hypnotist explained to her that she was stronger than Superman! The cheerleader won the arm wrestling match! And broke her arm in two places in the process!

One more cautionary story: a hypnotist came onto the college, had students hypnotized and had a small, little petite girl to lay across two chairs and told her she was as stiff as steel and strong as an oak tree. He wanted to show the audience how true it was and started jumping on her back. Yeah, she totally didn’t bend, but complained about back pain after the show and for weeks later… .

So be careful. There are plenty of good stories, like using hypnosis to get to the gym, to re-live an incident, to role-play a fantasy (yes, they will remember it if you let them, as if it actually happened to them), but you must use caution when attempting hypnosis.

Have fun and be safe.




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