Never Remove Flowers From A Grave

Ancient man buried weapons alongside their dead, with plants and flowers.

The Romans decorated graves with flowers, a time when bodies were buried with numerous important possessions, that they might be of use in the afterlife.

The freshly cut flowers were offerings to their gods.

It is considered disrespectful to both the god(s) and the soul of the person within the grave to take anything left by the bereaved at the graveside and it is still seen as callous and morally wrong to do so.

Since at least the early nineteenth century there has been an added deterrent for any would-be flower snatcher: the belief that taking flowers from a grave would lead the thief to be buried next.

This belief is most strong where it relates to the picking of living flowers that grow naturally on the grave.

If flowers grow on a grave, this is a sign that their god had shown favorable position with the life they lived, in their god(s) eyes, for only their god(s) knows them.

If weeds were to grow, then it would be opposite.

Many people take special care to tend their love ones burial site.

A diluted version of these traditions still survives today. Modern graves being decorated with items of clothing, favorite personal effects of the deceased and plastic flowers. It’s a change that has caused dismay among traditionalists, who believe the metaphorical message conveyed by live flowers – that their beauty, like human life, is transient, has been lost.


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