Paranormal TV Shows Killed

Everybody loves a great scare, dares and the paranormal that these two shows offered: Celebrity Paranormal Project and MTV Music Television Fear.

They were unique and entertaining, very well produced, but because of production costs, they were cancelled — yet they were the highest rated shows at the time of their airing on television.

Fear and Celebrity Paranormal Project were killed at the height of their success, because their production costs were “too high”.

Celebrity Paranormal ProjectFive celebrities are taken to a haunted place during the night and are left there until sunrise with the task of identifying paranormal activity.

At arrival of this location, they are given a brief history of the place as well as other background information on past ghost sightings. The celebrities are left with specialist equipment such as infrared cameras, EMF meters, etc. There are a lot of surveillance cameras which were set up all around the area to record what happens in the building that is to be investigated.

Then two of the celebrities go on an exploration of a certain area of the location while the rest of the team remains at the surveillance headquarters. The job of people at the surveillance headquarters is to guide the other two towards an individual site. The two that have entered must complete tasks to stir up the ghosts during with their equipment provided by the show (the equipment and everything they need had be placed for their arrival in the surveillance headquarters). After completing their tasks they return to the group.

Then two more celebrities take their turn to scout a different part of the area doing the same types of things that the previous couple did. There are a total of four explorations during an episode (sometimes only three, depending the size of the area).

The real purpose of the explorations is to find the heart of the haunting: trying to find the greatest concentration of paranormal energy within the area leads to the finally. This location is chosen by the entire group of celebrities near the end of the show.

Then the celebrities decide who has the strongest connection with the haunting. Once they decided the entire group enters the heart of the haunting one final time together — with them a scroll, a book with instructions and an item used to contact a select ghost. The strongest connection with the paranormal acts as the conduit to the other world in an attempt to get the spirit to enter their own body…. watch the show to see how the episodes end.

MTV Music Television’s Fear

Participants were led by guides to a haunted area — blindfolded.

The shows participants were then instructed to remove their blindfolds after a predetermined amount of time, which allowed the guides to slip out unseen.

The participants now find themselves in the — safe house — which is usually a large room somewhere within the haunted location where no haunting were reported to have happened. This location serves as the group’s base — and is the only part of the haunted location with lighting.

Every member of the group chooses a color at random from a predefined list — of DARES.

During the day the group is allowed to sleep and eat, because the dares only take place at night.

Once night arrives, a computer terminal will pick one or two colors and assign a dare. The computer also provides the group with background information about the haunted location, area, history, etc. A member of the group who is not assigned to the current dare provides instructions from the computer with two-way radios.

Every participant can, at any time during the dare, abort. But aborting a dare will cause the contestant to forfeit their share of the winnings and they will have to leave the group and then another contestant will then be chosen by the computer to complete the dare.

After two nights the remaining members in show will be directed to the location of their monetary prize with each winning $5,000 (but in the pilot episode they received $3,000 each).

There are a range of difficulty level with the dares. Dares usually started out easy, near the safe house and eventually getting more difficult… and further from the group’s base. While most relied on simple observation (radio silence, EMF Detectors, etc.), some of the dares relied on re-enactments of haunting events and a few even get involved in the occult or paranormal possession (séance, automatic drawing, etc.).

I dare you to watch these shows LOL.


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