Science Cannot Explain It All

The turntable is a wooden map with letters of the alphabet with two “yes” and “no” answers. Sometimes there is a “maybe”, and other common words. Along with it, is a small heart-shaped wood (also known as a Planchette). The planchette has a small hole, so users can see the letters or words being produced during the question and answering session.

Users place their hands on the planchette; the planchette moves to the correct answer of the question, though the people who lay their hands on it assert that they do not use their hands to move the piece of wood.

Participants use the bridge in a different ways: put a finger on the planchette, then through some mystical ritual, they spell the letters that the unconscious mind points to, to make up sentences and phrase that makes sense. It is said that such actions are driven by spirits, communicating and sending messages to us, even though scientists believe the real cause is due to the “ideomotor effect” that causes the hands of the player to move… or is the ideomotor effect a made up term, used in general and not specific to the occult, as scientists, with no proof except their own bias to tell them otherwise? That is to say, because science works so well in explaining our everyday physical world, they would feel more comfortable on making up excuses; ignoring death and the after life, because that is too deep for them to consider or haven’t delved into “science” behind the occult and paranormal?

Science works well, as do chemistry, astronomy, etc. These are tangibles. The intangibles, like love, hate, potential alternate worlds, etc. is a bit different. Science can’t even explain things like why the placebo effect happens, why Eil Malk jelly fish all died in 1998 and now have returned in 2000, or how species of birds migrate to and from same area every year without GPS (map or a compass), or why we require sleep,  science can’t even explain residual proofs of Mandela Effects. Science has a tendency to shrug off anything that may include their mortality. So science isn’t the answer to all things. For example, they had to discover a new field of study after learning the subatomic world is vastly different than our physical world – they had to discover the laws that govern, and that’s a freaky world unto itself. So, science may discover in the future a new understanding of the occult and supernatural… one day.


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