Vanishing Hitchhiker

The phantom hitchhiker is popular all over the world. There are dozens of different versions of the legend, many with sexual undertones, a woman-in-distress type of story, and it continues to be reported to this day.

In general, the vanishing hitchhiker is a girl in a distressed state. She stands by the side of a lone road in the middle of the night, or she suddenly looms up in the headlights.

Usually dressed in white. The driver is usually a man. Naturally, he stops and asks her where she is going… . Then he offers to help and give her a ride. Only after she gets inside the car, does he notices how beautiful she is. As they drive along, she doesn’t say a word, except for the address where she needs to go.

When the driver reaches the destination, he turns around, only to find that she has vanished, yet the seat she sat on may be wet and she may have left something – usually an object like a pin, scarf, etc.

The man, gets out of the car, curiously looks around and decides to knock on the door of the house, which is usually answered by a lady.

The driver explains what has happened.

And he is told that this has happened before – the girl or woman is her daughter who was killed some time ago and the night is the anniversary of her death.

The girl was either murdered or killed in an accident at the spot where the driver picked her up.

The driver is shown a photo of the girl and it is the same girl he picked up, wearing the same clothes.

Other versions of the vanishing hitchhiker is that she picks up traveling companions at another location, such as a park, bar, alley, etc. And again, she is driven home, or walked home, but this time the man sees the her, the woman, step inside the house. And when he decides to visit her later, he is shocked to hear that the young woman died several years ago.

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    I’ve heard about this…creepy

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