Warriors Draw Bones On Their Bodies

Chimbu tribes still maintain a unique ritual, in Papua New Guinea. They still maintain rituals using their own bodies to create works of art. The Chimbu tribe’s body-painting ceremony is unique, the boundaries between art and religiously rigid.

Chimbu is the common name for tribes living in Chimbu Province that towers above 8,000 feet from sea level and wasn’t exposed to Western civilization until 1934. Nearly 400,000 people live in the province that has 800 different languages.

Ancient body painting ceremonies are mixed with dance that intimidates the enemy: this ritual is called “Sing Sing”. Nearby tribes gather together, organizing their traditional rituals. The skeletal rituals of the Chimbu tribe still have many unique mysteries. People use the colors of grass and clay to draw on themselves to highlight the skeleton and skulls. This is not the zombie dance, but a flesh-eyed person is painted black from head to toe, while the skull and body are painted white. These are warriors.


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