What Is The Mandela Effect?

Ever wonder what happened to that missing sock? Misplaced those keys? Remember something changed, but thinking it was your imagination? You’ve just experienced the Mandela Effect.

It’s a phenomena meaning your universe changed… something subtle, yet obvious, and you have no way of proving the way you remembered it, was true, because the change propagated in all images that would have otherwise proved what you remember is true, in another universe.

For example: remember Foldgers coffee? It’s now Folgers coffee. How about the line, “Luke, I’m your father.” That movie line never happened, because it’s now, “No, I am your father,” in this universe. Like Sex in the City or Sex and the City?

These changes are real, especially when you find residual proof (old images, or videos) that the universe forgot to change.

Here is an example of the universe that once had, “Luke, I am your father,” as we all remembered it, though it doesn’t exist in this universe now, and the matrix, the universe, the god of this universe decided it is now, “No, I am your father.” It was never “Luke, I am your father.” But then again, how could everyone get it wrong — even the actor, James Earl Jones? Here he is, in a video that didn’t change when the universe changed it — and finds like these are called “residual proof” that the universe is changing things before our very eyes.

There are been many changes, from the Kit Kat bar that doesn’t have a dash anymore in this universe, to Interview With A Vampire has changed to “The Vampire”, like it is the number one vampire ever (and we know this isn’t true, yet the title suggests it, and there is plenty of residual proof of Rice, the author, quoting Interview With A Vampire… like she wouldn’t know her own book title?).

There a many ME’s (Mandels Effects), and it’s not just products we know like The Berenstein Bears changing to Berenstain Bears, or Sketches shoes to Skechers, or writings we know, but many things are changing from statues to new animals (not discovered — they’ve existed for centuries, but nobody remembers ever hearing or seeing them, like Vampire Dear, or bats as large as people — the Flying Fox Bat), but odd things too — we now have the Rainbow Mountains, and we now have Rainbow Trees, and cloud formations that look like waves:

Some people believe it is CERN to blame, others it’s what the universe has always done, except now we have so many means of communications and abilities to record history, that we can now consolidate and discover this phenomena.

What’s for sure, is that not everything is an ME. So, then what constitutes an ME? Marketing and advertising products can cause false ME’s. So, what you should do is investigate or use deduction. For example, if all of the sudden a something you are certain looks different than what you remember, look for earlier images or videos of this something to prove it was as you remembered, but not recorded in the history as ever being — do an internet search of what you remembered… you might find it in an old image or in the background of a television show or background scene of a movie from 10 years ago. Yeah, that sounded complicated, but can be fun.

Now, other times you might want to use deduction. For example, everyone said, McDonald’s was actually MacDonald’s in another universe and has changed — MacDonald’s never existed and it was always McDonald’s. So, I thought about it. Makes sense: why are Big Mac’s named Big Mac’s instead of Big Mc’s? Think about it, man, think about it.

There are a lot of residual proofs of the world that once was and our world that is changing.

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    That Mandela Effect is a good article. I’ve thought about that myself many times but never knew that anyone else thought about it or that there was a name for it.

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      Oh yeah –> there are so many ME’s now, I lost count. Some blame CERN, others say some government experiments… I say it has always happened, but only recently are we noticing it and talking about it. Like Peanuts comic strip artist: Schulz or Schultz? It’s now changed to Schulz! How about The Twilight Zone Rod Serling or Sterling? It’s Serling now!! WTF??? Ahahah Look at map changes, statute changes, lyrics in songs! So much, from lyrics of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal to pose of the statue The Thinker. Look at this now = Rainbow Mountains in China, Peru, etc.

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